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by Samuel2 weeks ago

Are you tired of using Facebook? Or simply interested in what other social networks are available? There are many sites like Facebook available that offer a variety of features to differentiate themselves from the…

by RiciaAnn10 months ago

Enjoy some of the most hilarious, inspirational, sarcastic, thoughtful, and interesting Facebook status updates. And if you know the origin of the ones that are missing authors, please share!

by Funny Status Updates4 days ago

This huge collection of funny Facebook status updates, Tweets and quotes will make you laugh until tears run down your legs! A funny page you can share on your favorite social networking sites.

by Susan Ng Yu2 years ago

Learn the basics of Facebook in this simple, easy to understand guide.

by TurtleDog8 months ago

You don’t want anyone to know your age on Facebook. Can you hide your birthdate year on Facebook or your total birthday on Facebook? Yes and this article will show you how to hide how old you are on FB.

Facebook Articles | HubPages Technology