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The Elephant And Rope

In my childhood, I used to go to a holy place in our town. I often go there with my Grandfather. That was an awesome place. One lake inside surrounded by the trees, birds were chirping, cool air and fresh fragrance of nature.

One evening when I go there, I saw some elephant and some holy priest.

They stay there for some days. So I used to go every day because on the very first day I saw a big elephant tied with a very thin rope.

I thought it was elephant wish. But every day Elephants were tied up with the thin rope.

It doesn't look strange when you have the power to break a big tree or a big wall in one attempt but now the thin rope was handling the giant animal.

I was so confused to see this.

And finally, I asked the priest who was giving the food to elephant.

I asked him "Why this giant animal tied with thin rope and he doesn't even try to free himself." The priest replied in a humble way "We tied him with the same thin rope when he was a child and this rope is able to stop him.

He tried much time when he small. But he can't, so his mind conditioned itself that he cant break this rope. So now he is following the same mindset and not trying to make himself free."

That day I learned a lesson of false believes.

so what should we learn from this story that Elephant once failed to break the rope when he doesn't have sufficient energy or he didn't prepare.

So like elephant some talented person tried to break the rope or try to achieve something, but they failed and never try like an elephant.

Nowadays they are following the same mindset even they had the power to break the big problem/adverse condition in their life.

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